About Commercial Leasehold Improvements

Leasehold improvements refer to any modifications, additions, or improvements made to a leased property by a tenant. MBL Construction has constructed many of these improvements to enhance the functionality, aesthetics, and value of a property to meet the specific needs of a tenant’s business.

The Process

Leasehold improvements refer to any modifications, additions, or improvements made to a leased property by a tenant. MBL Construction has constructed many of these improvements to enhance the functionality, aesthetics, and value of a property to meet the specific needs of a tenant’s business. Here are some key points to consider regarding leasehold improvements:

  • Types of Leasehold Improvements: Leasehold improvements can include a wide range of improvements such as new flooring, partition walls, lighting, and fixtures, HVAC upgrades, and installation of specialized equipment or technology.
  • Responsibility: Leasehold improvements are typically the responsibility of the tenant, who is responsible for making and funding the necessary changes. However, the landlord may sometimes contribute to the cost of the improvements, depending on the terms of the lease agreement.
  • Approval: Before making any leasehold improvements, the tenant must obtain written permission from the landlord. The lease agreement may outline the specific types of improvements that require approval.
  • Cost: The cost of leasehold improvements can vary widely, depending on the extent of the work required. Tenants may choose to fund the cost of improvements themselves, or they may be able to secure financing or negotiate with the landlord for financial assistance.
  • Tax Implications: Leasehold improvements may have tax implications for both the tenant and the landlord. For example, tenants may be able to claim depreciation or other tax benefits for leasehold improvements, while landlords may be able to claim a tax deduction for the cost of improvements made by the tenant.
  • End of Lease: When the lease term ends, the tenant may be required to remove any leasehold improvements made to the property, unless otherwise specified in the lease agreement. If the improvements are permanent fixtures or are essential to the operation of the business, the tenant may negotiate to leave them in place.

In summary, leasehold improvements can be a valuable investment for tenants looking to customize their leased property to meet their business needs. Careful planning, communication with the landlord, and consideration of the tax implications can help ensure a successful and cost-effective leasehold improvement project.

Why Go with MBL?

  • Flexible working hours to suit you and your clients. We have the capacity to do after-hour projects so that you can keep your doors open to your clients during the renovation. You don’t have to close your doors to customer traffic.
  • We work well with local inspectors.
  • Through our construction association we are constantly aware of changes to building codes. We ensure your property is clean and safe at all times to better protect your property and peace of mind.
  • We have the ability to customize space to customer needs without compromising building code standards.
  • We promise a quick response time to our clients.
  • We can do everything from creating a simple box to a complex, unique creation.
  • With our vast experience and network can help clients design their space to meet their specific needs.



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“It was a pleasure having MBL do renovation work for us at our home and then later at our rental property. They did wonderful work and were polite, professional and reliable. I would use them again in a heartbeat.”

Steve Benediktson

“MBL have been a great help to me at my residence when kids cause necessary renovations and in my place of business. I can always count on them.”

Ryan Lee

“We love our kitchen. All the tradespeople were very professional and did a great job”

Sharon Lechner

“It looks beautiful, thanks for all your hard work, really happy with it!”

Shannon Patrick

“They loved the bathroom, I think it helped sell the house, well it looks great.!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Rob webb

“You guys were awesome! I absolutely love the bathrooms and if you would like some before and after pictures to show people, let me know and I can either email you some or develop a few for you.You guys really should have an album to show people the difference is amazing!!”

Liz Brennando

“We are feeling very blessed you fit us into your crazy schedule, you’re the best”

David Williams

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Frequently Asked Questions

In Okotoks, permits may be required for significant kitchen renovations, especially if they involve structural, electrical, or plumbing changes. Cosmetic updates like painting typically don’t need permits. However, it’s always best to consult with the Okotoks municipal office or their official website to get the most current regulations and guidelines. Following local requirements ensures you avoid potential liabilities.

The cost of a kitchen renovation in Okotoks varies based on factors like size, materials, and complexity. On average, minor updates might start from a few thousand dollars, while extensive remodels can exceed tens of thousands. It’s crucial to get quotes from local contractors for accurate estimates tailored to your specific needs and design preferences. Remember, the quality of materials and labor will significantly impact the final cost.

At MBL Construction, our established reputation in Okotoks speaks volumes. We’re fully licensed and insured, emphasizing our dedication to quality. Browse our online reviews and portfolio to see our expertise in action. We provide transparent, detailed quotes, and our satisfied clients can attest to our professionalism. Affiliations with reputable associations further solidify our position as a trusted leader in kitchen renovations. Trust in MBL is trust in excellence.

At MBL Construction, we see kitchen renovations as more than just updates. A revamped kitchen boosts your home’s value and aesthetic appeal. It enhances efficiency with modern designs and energy-saving appliances. More than just tangible benefits, a renovated kitchen is the rejuvenated heart of a home, fostering cherished moments with loved ones. With every MBL project, you’re investing in improved functionality, beauty, and memorable experiences.

For top-quality kitchen renovations in Okotoks, MBL Construction is a trusted choice. They offer expertise in transforming kitchens to meet both aesthetic and functional demands. While there are other local contractors to consider, MBL’s proven track record makes them a standout. It’s always a good practice to research, read reviews, and obtain quotes, but MBL Construction remains a highly recommended option in the region.


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