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Our team of skilled tradespeople, bathroom designers, and renovators has years of combined expertise performing high-quality bathroom renovations throughout Okotoks and the surrounding areas.

We are proud of our outstanding bathroom renovation layouts. We are professionally committed to completing your bathroom on schedule and within budget in addition to our commitment to designing attractive bathrooms. The project is methodically planned and costed before fixtures are selected or tiles are installed.

Bathroom renovations – MBL Constructions Okotoks

The main objective of our Okotoks bathroom renovations team is to make sure that each bathroom design and floor finish is practical, cozy, and best suited to your way of life. Our bathroom floor designs take into account the best locations for bathroom fixtures including the bathtub, shower, sink, and toilet. At order to ensure that the finished product exceeds all expectations, we include our customers in every design stage.

You determined after purchasing a home that the bathroom wasn’t really what you needed or desired. You’ve used your bathroom for many years and are considering remodeling and fixing it.

The best way to begin your Okotoks bathroom renovation is to

Consider and put in writing what made you decide to remodel your bathroom as well as what you expect to achieve once it is finished. Look at the bathroom remodeling and powder room designs you see all over the internet when you browse. Get a sense of what you would require and what would work for you.

You must have seen several bathrooms that were featured and have a good notion of what you want to achieve with your current bathroom. You could create the design yourself, but you would need to understand how everything would go together.

Bathroom renovations for your home renovation projects

Prepare a few concepts if you are tech savvy and are able to illustrate them using one of the accessible drawing programs, or one of those that can actually draw. Talk about it with your pals or the folks you’ll be using the restroom with. Pay attention to their advice and determine what needs to change. Share your bathroom remodeling ideas with the renovation firm as well.

We would love to assist you if you’re looking for a high-quality bathroom renovation and want to cut costs and time on the entire repair or makeover. Call us first to have us have a look at your plans, such as installing shower heads or a jacuzzi, to ensure that they are also feasible.

We have the bathroom renovation experts that can satisfy all of your needs

Our bathroom remodelers provide you with guidance and suggestions based on our extensive expertise renovating bathrooms. We guarantee not only quality but also that the project completion will be in a reasonable amount of time because we have experience with all phases of the repair. You simply need to select the tiles and bathroom fixtures, and you may use the finished room in 10 to 15 days. We’ll take care of the rest. The steps involved in renovating a bathroom are as follows:

We have built our abilities and knowledge and established our name as the Okotoks bathroom renovation specialists thanks to our decision to specialize in bathrooms and our extensive experience working on several projects.

Bathroom renovations – free consultation

If you live in Okotoks, we can upgrade your bathroom to make your house more opulent. Your current bathrooms can be transformed into a peaceful, comfortable refuge by using high-quality materials and the knowledge and experience of our staff. Your bathroom can be upgraded by us. We have everything required to complete the task correctly, including skilled project management, specialist bathroom designers, and knowledgeable customer service.

Your home might have a complete bathroom makeover in as little as two weeks, giving it a cozy, fashionable, and opulent atmosphere.

Bathroom renovation project in your home

Our team is aware of how crucial it is to live in a house where you feel at ease. Our restrooms play a significant role in that, whether we realize it or not. You are in your bathroom a lot! For the ultimate in relaxation at the end of a long day, update your bath and shower or transform your morning routine into a spa experience.

Your dream bathroom may be begun with only a call, a vision, and a quote. We’ll listen to all of your requirements, consider your suggestions, and then provide you with an idea of how we may best collaborate while also providing you with an estimate for our services.

Quality craftsmanship comes from great ideas

Electrical Wiring Addition: depending on the demands of your design, our team of bathroom renovations experts will move light switches and power outlets as well as provide top-notch wiring for new lighting as necessary.

Plumbing adjustments: for your shower, vanity, bath, or toilet, if wastes or water need to be moved, we’ll tear out the old plumbing and replace the fittings to suit the new location. For all comprehensive bathroom renovations, the best quality walls, seats, ledges, door frames, or window frames are added in this step of the carpentry process.

In order to keep your home warm during the winter, our team of experts will guarantee that wall and ceiling insulation is done correctly.

Waterproofing the new tiles and the tub

All of the materials utilized in your bathroom makeover are of the highest caliber and were created with exposure to damp and water in mind. To make sure everything in your bathroom is waterproof or watertight, we’ll make sure everything is lined properly and protected from water.

We offer professional tiling services for every aspect of your bathroom, including the floors and the walls. Create the floor of your dreams or add tile to your shower for a streamlined, contemporary design. enlarge your area.

Do you have a small bathroom? Even the tiniest space may be transformed by our skilled staff to feel spacious. Change the layout of your bathroom entirely to create more room by adding storage in the form of kitchen cabinets, rearranging the fixtures, and replacing some of the existing ones.

Encourage homebuyers

Speaking of selling, newly renovated bathrooms are a major selling factor for prospective homeowners in Okotoks. Putting a little additional time, thought, and money into a perfect bathroom makeover might be a terrific incentive if you’re planning to sell your house or know you could in the future.

Increased effectiveness in your bathroom renovations

For enhanced effectiveness and lower utility costs, add water and energy efficient fixtures to your space. Savings accumulate rapidly, helping you recoup some of your remodeling expenditure.



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“It was a pleasure having MBL do renovation work for us at our home and then later at our rental property. They did wonderful work and were polite, professional and reliable. I would use them again in a heartbeat.”

Steve Benediktson

“MBL have been a great help to me at my residence when kids cause necessary renovations and in my place of business. I can always count on them.”

Ryan Lee

“We love our kitchen. All the tradespeople were very professional and did a great job”

Sharon Lechner

“It looks beautiful, thanks for all your hard work, really happy with it!”

Shannon Patrick

“They loved the bathroom, I think it helped sell the house, well it looks great.!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Rob webb

“You guys were awesome! I absolutely love the bathrooms and if you would like some before and after pictures to show people, let me know and I can either email you some or develop a few for you.You guys really should have an album to show people the difference is amazing!!”

Liz Brennando

“We are feeling very blessed you fit us into your crazy schedule, you’re the best”

David Williams

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In Okotoks, permits may be required for significant kitchen renovations, especially if they involve structural, electrical, or plumbing changes. Cosmetic updates like painting typically don’t need permits. However, it’s always best to consult with the Okotoks municipal office or their official website to get the most current regulations and guidelines. Following local requirements ensures you avoid potential liabilities.

The cost of a kitchen renovation in Okotoks varies based on factors like size, materials, and complexity. On average, minor updates might start from a few thousand dollars, while extensive remodels can exceed tens of thousands. It’s crucial to get quotes from local contractors for accurate estimates tailored to your specific needs and design preferences. Remember, the quality of materials and labor will significantly impact the final cost.

At MBL Construction, our established reputation in Okotoks speaks volumes. We’re fully licensed and insured, emphasizing our dedication to quality. Browse our online reviews and portfolio to see our expertise in action. We provide transparent, detailed quotes, and our satisfied clients can attest to our professionalism. Affiliations with reputable associations further solidify our position as a trusted leader in kitchen renovations. Trust in MBL is trust in excellence.

At MBL Construction, we see kitchen renovations as more than just updates. A revamped kitchen boosts your home’s value and aesthetic appeal. It enhances efficiency with modern designs and energy-saving appliances. More than just tangible benefits, a renovated kitchen is the rejuvenated heart of a home, fostering cherished moments with loved ones. With every MBL project, you’re investing in improved functionality, beauty, and memorable experiences.

For top-quality kitchen renovations in Okotoks, MBL Construction is a trusted choice. They offer expertise in transforming kitchens to meet both aesthetic and functional demands. While there are other local contractors to consider, MBL’s proven track record makes them a standout. It’s always a good practice to research, read reviews, and obtain quotes, but MBL Construction remains a highly recommended option in the region.


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