We devote time to talk with our clients in order to understand fully what you need. With our knowledge and experience in innovative construction, we can develop unique solutions to meet your specific goals.

Home Additions

We have the engineering and architectural resources to help.


Whether you are interested in a shop, a barn, a shed, or a detached garage, we can help.

Home Renovations

Gutting and renovating a whole house or any of its components such as the kitchen or bathroom.

Basement Development

Imagine your lower level adding to your livable space.

Commercial Leasehold Improvements

We can change your commercial space to suit your business.

Why Upgrade?

Upgraded kitchen

Add value to your home while getting the room of your dreams. This can be much more effective and a less expensive way to upgrade than purchasing a new home and the expense and inconvenience of moving. In a new home, you still may not have the special rooms you want.

Life changes, and you may need extra space for growing teens that want their own space. Or you may have a bath that’s simply tired from use. The constant humidity fluctuations and older materials can cause breakdowns. Why not have the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of? This is a great update you will enjoy every day. Maybe those cooking classes have you thinking about a modern kitchen, or you’d like a better gathering place for friends and family. We want to deliver your dreams.

Our Process

MBL can provide advice about design options, and the different materials available. We will outline the project complexity and unveil all possible costs. Potential complications are revealed and the quote we provide is a realistic reflection of the work involved and the materials used.

Experience working with us. Call 403-982-7366 (RENO) .

  • We are efficient because we are intimately involved with the construction experience;
  • We know when to include to include the necessary trades and other professionals;
  • We understand that planning stops problems before they become an expense;
  • We ask the right questions up front;
  • We are available to do General Contracting work on new home construction.

Recent Work